Indonesia cannot afford to put its economy before people

BY: EDUARD LAZARUS TEGUH MAULANA A religious festival has become a super-spreading event. The government knew the risk but didn’t do enough to stop it. Since mid-May,...




What Indonesians in Australia would like their neighbours to understand better about their home country

By Erwin Renaldi, Farid M Ibrahim, Hellena Souisa and Sastra Wijaya Is Indonesia an Islamic country or just a country with lots of Muslims? Is it all just like Bali?...

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How an Australian freed an unfinished nation’s history

BY: DUNCAN GRAHAM The fascinating story of how Indonesia came to betterknow itself through a time of repressive regimes. Book review: Indonesia out of Exile: How Pramoedya’s...

Indonesia’s New Criminal Code: Scaling Up Conservatism and Watering Down Protections for Critics and Minorities

By Tito Ambyo Jakarta’s new criminal code promises more conservatism and fewer rights for citizens. For many, it is a failure by the Indonesian House...

A Tale of Two Cities – Jakarta is sinking, but funding for Indonesia’s new capital has yet to surface

BY: DUNCAN GRAHAM Indonesia’s capital Jakarta is sinking. Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo plans to build a new capital on Borneo. Despite best intentions and offers...

Australia’s management of the Sino-US rivalry and its effect on Indonesian-Australian relations.

BY: JACK MCMINIGAL The power rivalry currently taking place between the United States (US) and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has also affected Australian-Indonesian...

Suddenly, with its new criminal code, Indonesia is a democracy in crisis

BY: CHRISTOPHER WARREN The country's new laws takes human rights back to the bad old days, activists say, and are 'oppressive and vague' and 'deeply...

Indonesia’s new criminal code isn’t just about sex outside marriage. It endangers press and religious freedom

BY: Tim Lindsey Indonesia’s controversial new criminal code was passed into law on Tuesday, replacing a clunky old code dating back to at least 1918....

Getting the narrative right: China’s media reach in Indonesia

BY: MUHAMMAD ZULFIKAR RAKHMAT Beijing is weaving its story into hearts and minds in theregion via influence campaigns that could impact democracy. As China’s President Xi...

The city that throbs with fury

BY: DUNCAN GRAHAM Six weeks on from a shocking stadium disaster, mourningsigns in Malang tell an angry message for Indonesian politics. Malang won’t stop grieving, defiantly...

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