Indonesia cannot afford to put its economy before people

BY: EDUARD LAZARUS TEGUH MAULANA A religious festival has become a super-spreading event. The government knew the risk but didn’t do enough to stop it. Since mid-May,...



Hyundai takes the driver’s seat in Indonesia’s EV market

BY: AKHMAD HANAN BUDI PRAYOGO SUNARIYANTO With net zero emissions targets looming, Southeast Asia’sbiggest car market is setting the pace on electric vehicles. In March, President...


Fact from Fiction – Review of Conrad’s Eastern Voyages

Ian Burnet: Joseph Conrad’s Eastern Voyages: Tales of Singapore and an East Borneo River, Sydney: Alfred Street Press, 2021 (164 pages and 40 colour...

The Jakarta Method


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Indonesia and COVID-19: At the Crossroads

By: Richard Maude

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  1. Indonesia is unlikely to remember who was with it during the pandemic, because they don’t teach history in schools. Even those who live and work in the oil rich Balikpapan don’t know who saved it from the Japanese in one of the last battles of WW2.
    Indonesia will rebound from the cover-reaction far more strongly than the West, as it has not embraced draconian economic destruction as readily, and more importantly it hasn’t accrued debt like Australia has, therefore it’s future, it’s young people, won’t be burdened with paying it back.

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